Freedom Rallies

Below is a list of known scheduled freedom rallies, protests, and similar events. This information has been either sent to us or gathered from various sources. This information have inaccuracies and some details may change, which is beyond our control. 

Date of EventName of EventCountryCity, State/ProvinceDescriptionWebsiteContact Name or OrganizationContact PhoneContact EmailLocation Name or BuildingAddressStart TimeEnd Time
16-Oct-21ONLINE: Protest for the 2nd time! NO FORCED “VACCINE” MANDATE!United States (US)WorldwideHello everyone! I am now making a second protest event against mandating the experimental vaccine! Please join me on the square again in Danville. In front of the court house! Please bring whoever you would like! We have to keep our FREEDOM!! GOD BLESS! 🇺🇸 MY BODY MY CHOICE If anyone has any ideas please DM me!! No hate messages please! This is a peaceful protest 😁🤘🏼 Fischer and John Short10:00 AM1:00 PM
30-Dec-21ONLINE: Say NO to Vaccine PassportsUnited States (US)OnlineBoth WA and QLD have now made vaccination mandatory to enter the state (in varying formats). For many businesses like myself - this will crush us financially. Working in the events industry and living on the Gold Coast, over 75% of my work is over the border in the Tweed Valley. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of deposits are tied up in my ability to cross the border. By mandating vaccination to travel between the two states, in one fowl swoop, my business has been crippled. Add to this the likelihood of the Australian government bringing in vaccine passports by Christmas - and it’s probable that I won’t even be able to access venues in my own state to fulfil my QLD bookings either. For that reason I’ve had to make the heartbreaking decision to stop taking on future work effective immediately. As a breastfeeding Mum, I don’t feel comfortable taking a vaccine with very limited safety data. I won’t go too much into my reasons beyond that as I don’t want to detract from the crux of this conversation, but based on the research I’ve done, I don’t believe the purported benefits of the vaccine outweigh the potential and unknown risks to my and my baby’s health. And that should ultimately be a decision I am entitled to make, without risk to my freedoms or livelihood. The very idea that it’s the government’s right to forcibly coerce me into a medical decision with the threat of disabling my ability to move freely in society and earn a livelihood is not only ethically disgusting - but also legally UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This is the government operating in a manner that contradicts its own laws - and we need to hold them to account! Whether you’re double jabbed or will never touch a vaccine so long as you live, we should all stand firmly upon the constitutional right of each Australian citizen to bodily autonomy, and for that right not to come at the cost of our livelihoods and basic freedoms. And if we don’t stand up and say no now, then where does it end? At what point will we stand up against government overreach and these coercive measures to control the population? If you agree and want to make a difference, all you need to do is send a short email to your local MP (please see the instructions below). There is already legislation which has been written and tabled, petitioning the Commonwealth to refuse the introduction of vaccine passports. All we need to do is to ask our local MP that they listen to us as constituents and vote against any bill to introduce these passports and support the bill to prevent this legislation from passing. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF WE STAND UNITED AGAINST THIS! Don’t let them use scare tactics to pressure you into silence and compliance! Elizabeth HarrisonOnline with Rooms ~ (check Facebook for your timezone)11:00 AM
24-Sep-21Fraud Fauci FridayUnited States (US)Atlanta, GeorgiaThe group that protested in support of Nicki Minaj and against Dr. Anthony Fauci is planning another demonstration outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Headquarters in Atlanta this Friday — and hopes Trump supporters will join them.The ‘Fraud Fauci Friday’ protest will be taking place this Friday from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. — and every week until what they hope to be their biggest on November 22. Kodzo, Anti-capitalist Black Hammer OrganizationCDC Headquarters1600 Clifton Rd NE303295:00 PM7:00 PM